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Platform Overview - Make right decision over and over again.

Nemicare platform enables an holistic view of any senior care center operation activities ranging from referral intake to billing with a advance analytics. There is no need for multiple software solutions since it covers every aspect of Senior Care business into one single environment. 


Facial Recognition


A Better Biometric Time Clock Solution

Workplace friendly, the FaceIN® biometric time clock system replaces conventional fingerprint, iris scan and hand readers time clocks, providing a more hygienic and easy to use solution.

  • Partnered with Lathem to provide an innovative solution for any senior care services.

Food Program Integation

  • Integration with Food vendor for attendance and billing.  

  • Machine learning

Referral Intake

  • Comprehensive process 

  • Manage Authorizations and Eligibility

  • Patient e-Consent

  • Single view with all the patient information.

  • Quickly create and manage care plans

Transportation Integration

  • Integration with Transportation broker - Southeastrans & Logisticare.

  • Timely management of all transportation requests.

  • Managers can create and manage transportation for patients care and see a list of available transportation system to facilitate safe care.


  • Expedite the claims process & improve your revenue cycle. 

  • Predictive model can help in accurately submitting claims and avoid resubmissions by reducing claims denials.

Reporting & Analytics

  • Easy access to forecasting to plan more effectively for future. 

  • Machine learning

  • Apply Optimization and identify best scenario which will produce the best results

A Bridge to Care Path

Nemi Care

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